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[Insert Title Here] is produced through the collaborative partnership of Carissa Carman, Jennifer Cherniack and Sabrina Russo. This project was developed out of a joint panel presentation organized by Cheryl Simon for the English and Cultural Studies conference The Archive and Everyday Life at McMaster University (Ontario, Canada) in May 2010.

We are interested in the production set-up of an exhibition; how signage and didactic texts professionalize, frame, and sometimes become part of a work. What does this material mean without the context of the exhibition for which it was created? How is this meaning changed through refabrication and recontextualization?

Designs for past exhibitions will be recreated using a singular low-tech process and simple materials such as electrical tape, masking tape, blueprints, Xerox copies, stamping, or paper. Focusing as much on the visual qualities and physical presence of the information as on its content, we will devise criteria for the selection and arrangement of this material. The final composition will span the length of the Vitrines. Through this project we will experiment with text as image and installation as performance.

In order to build a vinyl-loving design community among the artists, students and members of the public who frequent the FOFA Gallery, we propose a vinyl installation workshop and skill share. A publication will be designed in conjunction with the project, which will include instructional material and relevant documentation of the collaboration for a closing reception and book launch.