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The Waterpod is an collaborative installation on a barge led by Mary Mattingly. The collaborative construction team was made up of Carissa Carman, Mira Hunter, Derek Hunter, Ian Daniel, Alison Ward, Logan Smith, Tim Corrigan, Doug Cohen, Tressie Blue, Stephanie Dedes, Veronica Flores, Meg Glaser, Lonny Grafman, Gabriel Krause, John and Mary Kay McGarvey, Melanie Chopko and Eve Tremblay and Jean-Michel Ross.

The Waterpod, an autonomous sustainable living system was designed to circulate the NYC area, sustain a utopian ecosystem, while supporting 4 inhabitants. The waterpod launched in 2009 June and completed it's 9 docking locations in NYC by 0ct of 2009.

Carissa Carman was the Living Systems director and in partnership with Meg Glasser, Logan Smith and Melanie Chopko, Tressie Blue, and Lonny Grafman designed and facilitated the creation of the living systems: which included the chicken coop, greywater horticulture, irrigation, and the extensive edible gardens.