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trickery spices
trickery spices

a collaboration between Emily Bolevice, Carissa Carman, and Eliza Stamps

Wild Feasties is a collective of artists and naturalists who all engage with food as catalyst for curiousity, interaction and local food sourcing resourcefulness. Wild Feasties use the routine of eating as a way of inserting instruction, interactivity, wild food concocting, tasting, flavor experimentation, seasoning with potions, and bringing a sense of true nourishment within dynamic artistic social affairs. These endeavors take place in the studio, in the kitchen, the gallery, the great outdoors.

Through our projects, we aim for our guests to have an artful food experience; one that stirs the senses. The environs, delicacies, and atmosphere are composed to affect our viewers and guests in myriad ways.

Our cuisine consists of simple dishes, with an emphasis on celebrating the incredible taste of farm fresh vegetables. Wild Feasties projects emerge from the location upon which they are set. The menu is determined entirely by what the harvest brings.