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S.I.T.E Lab (Surreal Investigation of Textile Experiences) is the research and creative practice of working more deeply with the spaces of one’s proximal community as a way to fuel a deeper sense of communication with a place that is not yet home. S.I.T.E lab requires looking at the seasonal shifts of color, cultural icons and happenings, to dive head into local history. Digging into regional land and its man-made lore supports a love for listening and the curiosity to see more, while building a deeper sense of place. The generative sequencing of inquiries is meant to connect to site. This investigation provides a framework of site information in which to stage temporary activations of spaces. With a focus on portability and access, S.I.T.E Lab will unveil a series of projects that builds wonderment and spectacle while supporting the investigatory curiosity of looking at what you have already seen and seeing it anew. By combining artistry and research, S.I.T.E Lab builds an experience of looking.