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Color Rhythm
Color Rhythm

Color Rhythm is an immersive video installation that merges the actions of dye plant processes with the pulsating soundscape of labor. The repetitive gestures of sowing seeds, slicing stalks, grinding leaves and stirring vats will be projected onto three of the walls. Each channel will differ in tempo and distance, ranging from the intimate details of worn hands chopping indigo to a panoramic view of a buckwheat harvest. The layers accumulate into a beat of the sublime, transforming the architecture of the gallery into a sonorous space.

Color Rhythm is a three screen sound and video installation. This format captures a series of documentation images and playfully arranges the content into sculptural and poetic sensory explorations.

Color Rhythm extends beyond mere documentation. Footage of large dye vats bubbling from fermentation, homemade tools clanking in buckets, the graceful snapping of hundreds of marigold flowers integrate rhythm with labor to question the ritual surrounding the cultivation of color. The moving images translate the site and actions from an agricultural plain into a sensory exploration of a gallery enveloped by color rhythms.

This collaboration questions the translation of ancient manual processes in a contemporary context, through the encounter between natural colorants and digital images, traditional techniques and current sustainable practices.

The installation creates for the viewer a sensory experience of color with immaterial mediums.