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I like early grey cream tea and creamed honey, typewriter stores and vintage hats, road trips with a worn out map to destinations that are off the grid, incredible, and undiscovered. I grow colors and stage food based performances, install video installations and teach rope making. I have an incredible filing system, an old weathered Rolodex from NYC, Montreal, LA and all the friends in between. I believe in big projects and big ideas and making partnerships happen with scientists, ecologists, dancers, singers, and craftsmen and women. I am a seamstress by night and a designer by day. I apply for grants and often get them, update my website often but don't really believe in blogging and send handmade thank you cards and bring bottles of wine and homegrown fruits to potlucks and summer bar b q's. I cherish the importance and inspiration of themed food events, believe in prompt email replies, and deep relaxation recharge at the right time to refuel for the the hustle and bustle of a long day. I could travel the world on a dime, drink fresh goats milk and talk shop with a local car mechanic or fisherman about life and craft. I have a passion for beautiful vintage objects and utilitarian mastery, and thinking up and doing the impossible professional or grassroots.

work aholic
4 months till the baby arrives

the best, most honest and unprofessional job application letter