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The Great Speckled Bird: almost always Sunday Paper is a site specific project in which I created and distributed 7issues of a limited edition artist newspaper to residents and fellow community members each Sunday during an artist residency, attempting to connect Chashama’s artist community and the and local community.

A Sunday paper is news to linger with, enjoy, thumb through casually, or thoroughly. It can challenge you with a puzzle, insights of the week, current events, personal interviews, sports, recipes and feature articles of discovery, science, weather or personal accounts and reactions.

An organic unchoreographed performance will be created when the papers are distributed and the residents have time in their day to browse, read and converse…. Where will people read? Will they look forward to the next issue? Will they treat it like a precious art work, or dispose of it? Will it change Sunday lunch conversation? How?

I will begin my newspaper route on Sunday morning distributing to the porch, mailbox or worktable of each resident and surrounding community members in a close proximity.