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Washing stripe
Washing stripe

Not at all is part of a larger exhibition: The Future Past

L.P. Hartley referred to the past as a "foreign country," sometimes it can feel more like the place that we call home.

The Future Past is the next exhibition in art + space’s site-responsive programming. The project explores themes of memory through object, light, word, sound and performance. In considering the deep and emotional history of the site, the project will acknowledge the ghosts of what existed while celebrating the future for what remains.

Central State Hospital, created in 1827, once cared for nearly 3,000 patients on its 140 acre grounds. Funding cuts led to the hospital’s closure in 1994 and the site, left vacant and deteriorating for years, is being revitalized by Reverie Estates. Reverie’s mission of developing creative communities through the rehabilitation and reuse of historic properties is exemplified in the multi-building Historic Central State project which features Historic Central State Mansion, a co-living community also open to students, and 1899, a high end events venue, with other opportunities to come.

art + space’s programming promotes forward thinking contemporary art and design by mid-career and emerging artists. Our site-responsive exhibitions provide temporary platforms for collaborative, innovative artist led projects. The goal is to use these transitional spaces to showcase art and ideas around the city.

Megumi Shauna Arai
Kathryn Armstrong
Cody Arnall
Hannah Barnes
Hanna Benn
Carissa Carman
Copy Culture
Emily Kennerk
Lindsey Maestri
Michael Milano
Colin Tuis Nesbit
NoExit Performance
Kipp Normand
Jamie Pawlus
Marco Querin
Casey Roberts
Scott Stulen
Jeffrey Teuton
Lauren Zoll

Historic Central State, Carpentry Hall, 164 Steeples Blvd, Indianapolis IN