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Implied Action
Implied Action

Carman's installation combines a series of soft works that function both as formal artwork and as portable and usable aparati for hiding, exercising, public punishment, protest and false adventure.

Implied Action: Performance Through Object is an exhibition features four Visiting Assistant Professors in the Henry Radford Hope School of Fine Arts at Indiana University. Carissa Carman (Textiles), Mike Calway-Fagen (Sculpture), Carrie Mae Smith (Fundamentals) and Keith Allyn Spencer (Fundamentals) either make objects or use found items to convey the history of, presence of, or potential for performance. These objects range from an article of clothing suggesting the act of wearing; to those that have a history of action, whether artistic or utilitarian; to objects that document and become evidence of past performance. While these artists teach in various areas of IU's studio art department, it is evident that process, object, and performance are integral to each artist's studio practice.