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Overall dimensions (without chimney):
12'4" (h) x 4' (w) x 8' (d) (approx.)
Weight: 1000 lbs (approx).
Constructed directly on single axle 4 x 8' trailer
Single-axle 4 x 8 foot reclaimed trailer
1000 lb load-bearing tires
Elmwood Percival vintage wood burning stove
Cedar lined interior
Custom 2-3 person cedar bench
Lifetime warranty Excel Stove Pipes (from Foyer Universel, Montreal)
2 fire-red scissor jacks
Refurbished cedar door and double paned cedar window
1/4 cord of hardwood
Jasztex Blue Jeanious insulation made from recycled blue jean fibres (from Jasztex, Montreal)
Custom Vicwest Red Aluminum Siding
Cementboard fireproof barrier surrounding stove
High Ceilings for movement and air flow
includes small accessories: Crate for storing wood, 2 small lanterns, ash bucket, back side hanging rack for towels